Canto Ostinato Strings Attached

Canto Ostinato - Simeon ten Holt (arr. Marijn van Prooijen

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One of the greatest pieces composed for string quartet is Beethoven's Op.131. The huge tension and the fact that you know you're about to embark on an adventure even before the first notes have sounded make this a piece which lets you forget the world around you and transports you to a new one, all at the same time. As far as we are concerned, this adaptation of Canto Ostinato makes it a worthy sibling of that Op. 131.

Canto Ostinato - Simeon ten Holt

 01 Section 1-87

02 Section 88-90
03 Section 91-106

Catalog: MTM01
Release date: 19 Januar 2020