Avondconcert - (Un)heard Music Festival

On October 1, the live registration of the (Un)heard Music Festival was broadcasted on Radio 4 in the program 'Avondconcert'. You can listen to this broadcast here. (click here)

(Un)heard Music Festival 2020
The Matangi Quartet is organizing the Unheard Music Festival for the fourth time. The festival pays attention to music by composers that wasn't allowed to be heard. During wars or under dictatorial power, artists are not free to express themselves. Yet they manage to make new works under such difficult circumstances. The theme of this edition of the festival ties in with the commemoration of the Second World War, now 75 years ago.

The opening concert of the Unheard Music Festival 2020. The Matangi Quartet, Eric Vloeimans and Martin Fondse play Testimoni, a musical rendition of a day. From dawn to nightfall.

Matangi Quartet, Eric Vloeimans, Martin Fondse

Courageous composers
Matangi Quartet and Insomnio play music by courageous composers who continued to write their own music during periods of oppression.

Emil Frantisek Burian - String Quartet no.4
Erwin Schulhoff - Piano Solo Pieces
Emil Frantisek Burian - Suite Americane
Dmitri Sjostakovitsj - Jazz Suite no.1
George Antheil - A Jazz Symphony

Hanna Shybayeva, Insomnio, Matangi Quartet

recordings made on September 19, 2020, Korzo, The Hague

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