Friends of Matangi | Donate


As a friend you ensure that Matangi can continue to innovate in a unique way, continue to add color to the international string quartet world and continue to explore the boundaries of the string quartet.

In addition to the main activity of Matangi; giving concerts, with your contribution you ensure that Matangi can continue to innovate, produce CDs, give assignments to (inter) national composers and develop other musical activities in the broadest sense of the word. This can be done by means of a one-off contribution or by structural support.

What we offer you as a friend (minimum support of €25,-)

- a monthly newsletter
- an invitation to the annual Friends Concert
- exclusive possibility to order the latest CDs before the release date
- of course you will be kept informed about what happens with the donations received

Do you want to become a friend or support us? One-off donations can be transferred to the following account number:
Matangi String Quartet Foundation
NL77 RABO 0140 8269 55
BIC (Swift adress): RABONL2U
Please do this stating name (if possible also e-mailadress)


Structural Support

The Matangi String Quartet Foundation has ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) status. I.e. that under certain circumstances your gift is tax deductible (up to 125%) (only in the Netherlands). Read more about this on the website of the tax authorities (click here). Or click here for an easy calculation module.

For additional questions please mail to: