Breathe - Wereldpremière

Samen met Kalpanarts brengen wij vanaf 5 oktober de dansvoorstelling Breathe.
In Indian philosophy, experiencing inner freedom is more important than overcoming external limitations. In 'Breathe', five dancers and the musicians of Matangi explore ways to achieve freedom, peace and stillness. Inspired by different cultures and ancient breathing techniques, breathing is connected to the theme of freedom. When do you really feel free?
Kalpanarts is known for her unique and hybrid dance language in which Indian dance styles are combined with urban and contemporary dance forms. Complex Indian rhythms vibrate through the work like a heartbeat. Composer Simone Giacomini has composed a new work for Breathe, inspired by the rich minimalistic and trance-like work of Dutch composer Simeon van ten Holt.

Première Breathe
October 5, 8.15 p.m. - Korzo, Den Haag

Première Breathe
5 oktober 20.15 uur - Korzo, Den Haag

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