Chick Corea

Three years after we recorded the string quartet by Chick Corea for our CD JAZZICS! we received the following email:

Hello Casper,

I'm with Chick Corea - it's great to meet you!
Chick ran across this video of the Matangi Quartet playing his piece "Adventures of Hippocrates" and was mightily impressed.
Are you the best contact for the band, so Chick can be in touch? If there's a better or more direct line, please don't hesitate to send my contact info, all of which is below.
Looking forward to being in touch!


The maestro himself wanted to get in touch with us! We couldn't believe it. What followed was an email exchange in which we indicated that we would like to meet him. Chick agreed and we would meet in Germany where he would play a concert. He would not come closer to the Netherlands that year. When the date got closer, we asked to be sure whether everything would go ahead. It turned out to be a good thing that we emailed about this because the entire concert was canceled. The contact diluted a bit in the time that followed, but when we saw that Chick would come to Utrecht on March 19, 2020, we contacted and agreed that we would go to his concert and then finally meet him ... Corona threw however, a spanner in the works and so on March 19 we were already in the first lockdown for 7 days and so that appointment was canceled.
That same month we came up with the project #90seconds and the thought came to ask Chick. "Surely he won't do that," we thought, but who dares wins and so we took the plunge anyway. The same night he answered and the next morning the piece was there!
Grateful ... and quiet as we realize that, 11 months after he wrote this piece for us, he's gone ...

R.I.P. Chick Corea

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