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Watch the Matangi Christmas Stream 2020 online on Christmas Eve! The stream can be seen from 8.30 pm on and via facebook.

After an eventful year in which we often felt lonely and distraught, we started to value solidarity, being together and sharing beautiful moments even more. That is why Karsten came up with a special plan that not only made all Matangis enthusiastic, but in which Carel Kraayenhof and Maarten Koningsberger also wanted to participate.

Who could have imagined last Christmas that Christmas 2020 would look like this ?! It is in these dark days that we want to meet each other, hold each other for a moment ...
Unfortunately, the truth is that we should not do that this year so that we can deal with this virus as soon as possible. Yet this is also the moment when the word "together" acquires a new meaning in society. That is why we, as Matangi, give this concert as a gift to our audience, with only one condition: pay us with your support to someone else, whether you are looking online or have obtained one of the concert tickets. In other words: Play it Forward! In this way, we all give the word 'together' even more meaning during these special Christmas days. ”
(Karsten Kleijer, viola player Matangi)

So after your Christmas dinner on December 24, enjoy our Play it Forward Matangi Christmas Stream 2020 at 8.30 pm over coffee or a glass of something.

24 december - online stream - 8.30 p.m. | facebook | youtube

Pay it forward

To reach as much audience as possible and so that people can share their actions, we have created #matangiPIF .... Share your action with us via email ( or on social media, in text, video or photo (using the hashtags below). That inspires others to do something too. This is how we make it a special Christmas together.


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Mart van Hest

Dit geweldige optreden heeft ontzettend veel goed gemaakt !
Het was puur genieten !
Hartelijk dank hiervoor.

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