Extra performances Stop de Tijd | Theater Bellevue Amsterdam

On March 24 & 25 there are two extra performances of Stop de Tijd. Come to Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam.

Pianist Martin Fondse and vocalist Margriet Sjoerdsma, together with writer Vrouwkje Tuinman, are creating a collage performance about the human tendency to bend the world and time to our will. They are accompanied by Matangi. Stop de Tijd is a mix of pure chamber music, a touch of jazz and a nod to gospel. With moving poems by Vrouwkje Tuinman, narrated by Vrouwkje herself. Texts by Remco Campert, Jean-Pierre Rawie and F. Starik are also featured.

The happiness of an empty agenda. The desire to last forever, frozen if necessary. Make yourself a museum. The fear of loss.
Can't someone else be dead for a while but that one?

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