LISTEN NOW! First Single from Album "P.S." Ft. Matangi and Ruben Hein Launched: "Brother to Brother"

I put pen to paper
My reason has foundered
I’m caught in a lifetime of despair
It’s fading like flowers
The flowers I painted back in June
Now write to me real soon
And tell me of the others

Matangi and Ruben Hein proudly release their very first single "Brother to Brother" today (Friday, May 17), offering a preview of their highly anticipated album "P.S." set to be released in September.

"Brother to Brother" is a correspondence between Vincent and Theo van Gogh. Vincent's despair and restlessness drive him to give up, while Theo makes desperate attempts to pull him through. "A brotherly love" ~ Ruben Hein.

This moving song is part of the album “P.S.", the contemporary 21st-century song cycle for string quartet and vocals that Matangi and Ruben created as a follow-up to The Juliet Letters by Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet, inspired by the collected Dutch letters from the book P.S. by Jet Steinz.

“Brother to Brother” carries a powerful message and is rich in musical layers. From guitar-like strumming effects to a warm and comforting bed of strings, this song uses a versatile spectrum of techniques, fully exploiting the potential of the string quartet. With these compositions, Matangi and Ruben add an innovative mix of classical and modern elements to the world of multidisciplinary music experience.

Go to your favorite streaming platform and enjoy listening to 'Brother to Brother,' just as we immensely enjoyed creating it!

(Thanks to Het Kersjes Fonds, Cultuurfonds, and Fonds Podiumkunsten for making P.S. possible.)

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