Matangi Moments - Palimpsest

After the resounding success of the Canto Ostinato, Matangi ventures into another masterpiece by Simeon ten Holt in the Ten Holt year. The string septet Palimpsest knows how to touch, move and bewilder the soul. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Ten Holt.

The title Palimpsest derives from the Greek language and refers to a parchment scroll that after having been scratched clean or after having been made unreadable by making the original text invisible, is used once again. Many a time the original text remained more or less visible. This characteristic is continually audible during the performance. In spite of the differences in key or character, the subject matter can always be traced back to the initial theme.

20 January, 20.30  - Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag (TICKETS)
22 January, 15.30 - Amstelkerk, Amsterdam (TICKETS)

Simeon ten Holt - Palimpsest (1993)

Matangi Quartet
Dmitry Ivanov, violin
Sedna Heitzman, violin
Salomé Bonnema, violin
Nienke Kosters, doublebass

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ik heb erg genoten van jullie uitvoering van Palimpsest op het Simeon Ten Holt festival in Utrecht, op 29 februari!

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