Permormances on Radio 4 (Dutch Radio)

Wednesday, January 27, we will perform with Splendid Isolation from the MuziekHaven in Zaandam, in the evening concert program on Radio 4. Splendid Isolation has been slightly adjusted in terms of program. In addition to the cycle Emily: 5 Dickinson songs by Anthony Fiumara, Matangi will play Anthony's 1st String Quartet and Valentin Silvestrov's 1st String Quartet.
While people abroad were in awe of Silvestrov's diverse styles of composing, his music, sometimes serial, improvised, post-serial, was labeled as avant-garde by the Soviet authorities. In order to get as little attention as possible from the Soviets, he withdrew, dropped the modernist style of composing and wrote the cycle "Quiet Songs". A cycle intended to be played in private spheres. Silvestrov's first string quartet can be seen as the mirror of his soul.

Splendid Isolation on Radio 4
Wednesday 27 January 2021, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Marene Elgershuizen
Matangi Quartet
Anthony Fiumara


On Sunday 31 January we will be guests, together with the Herz Ensemble, on the Radio 4 program "Pandora's Late Night Evening Concert" from TivoliVredenburg.
In this broadcast the current state of affairs of the new music is discussed and what the future will bring us.
Very special for us is that we will play nine pieces, including a number of #90seconds, which have been specially composed for us.
Airing on January 31 starts at 9:30 PM
presentation: Wouter Pleijsier

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