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What else than a positive feedback could you expect from the online blog and forum 'Posi+ive Feedback', but to be compared with the benchmark recording of the Borodin Quartet is a different story. Again we are extremely proud of this very nice review by Rusthon Paul.

This performance by Matangi is powerful, insightful, and beautifully played. They capture the depth of emotion and anguish that Shostakovich poured into this work. Their performance of the second movement, Allegro Molto, is stunning—with immense power, dynamic contrasts, and drive. It fully equals that of the Borodin. And this is very high praise, indeed, as the Borodin's performance has been my benchmark for decades. They roll seamlessly into the Allegretto (third movement) playing the chromatic contrasts for all they're worth; and the opening of the fourth movement Largo simply reverberates with power, but then slowly, lyrically, and with a great sense of longing flows to a sublime conclusion.

In sum, one of my favorite string quartets is here performed superbly, with total command, total control, immense power, and in deep sympathy with the emotional depths which Shostakovich delves.

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