Special broadcast about dance on Podium Klassiek

Floris Kortie hosts musicologist Jan Pieter Koch, choreographer Marco Gerris, and dancer Herrold Anakotta from ISH Dance Collective, pianists Ralph van Raat and Maarten van Veen, guitarist Samrat Majumder, violinist Emma van der Schalie, and violist Sofie van der Schalie, resident pianist Cor Bakker, saxophonist Allard Buwalda, drummer Arie den Boer, dancers from DSV Sway of Life, and Matangi.

Choreographer Marco Gerris is the founder of ISH Dance Collective, the dance company that pushes the genre boundaries of modern ballet. Gerris discusses how he uses classical music as inspiration, and we witness a solo dance choreographed specifically for this broadcast by Herrold Anakotta, set to music by Philip Glass performed by Matangi.

Watch Podium Klassiek on NPO 2 on Sunday, December 3rd, at 6:15 PM.

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