Tulipa Matangi

This year we again received a large number of photos of the Tulipa Matangi in bloom. Of course this is a fantastic way to stay in touch with our audience even more, but it is also just great fun to view all those different photos. That is why we have created a page on our site where a large part of these photos can be seen so that everyone can enjoy them. Take a look at www.matangi.nl/tulipa.

We are currently investigating whether such a promotion, the sale of exclusive Tulipa Matangi bulbs, is possible again, just as it was in the past two years. To make an inventory of how many bulbs we should order, we are curious who would like to have a bag of bulbs again. Estimated price of a bag of 10 bulbs is ± € 10,-. Nice side effect: with this colorful purchase you contribute to the musical projects of Matangi. Send an email to tulipa@matangi.nl, of course without obligation to buy. As soon as we know more about the possible sale, we will let you know via our site and the newsletter.

(Do you still have Matangi tulips in bloom and would you like to email a photo? You can, send your photo to: tulipa@matangi.nl)

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