(Un)heard Music Festival

Not all music is or was permitted to be heard. During wars or under dictatorships, the freedom of the artist is often under fire. But even under impossible circumstances, composers, visual artists, and musicians find a way to express themselves. The 2020 (Un)heard  Music Festival  is dedicated to these artists. How do you live and survive with music under extreme conditions? This connects with the commemoration of the end of the horrors of World War II, now 75 years ago.

In this fourth edition initiated by the Matangi Quartet, the spotlight is on works by ‘entartete’ or ‘degenerate’ composers, visual art will be shown by artists who were forbidden to show their art during World War II. The Matangi Quartet will perform works by Schostakovich, Burian and Antheil, together with the Insomnio ensemble. Other works included in the program are by composers who kept working even in the concentration camps: Gideon Klein, Emil Frantisek Burian, and Pavel Haas were together in Theresienstadt (Czech Republic) and composed many fine works.

In addition to the concerts, there is a corona-proof fringe program with an introduction, good food, and Jo Spier presents the results of the children’s workshop in cooperation with Verwend NEST.

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