(Un)heard Music Festival 2021 (22, 30 & 31 October)

A piece of music that gives you goosebumps, that one painting that makes you stand still in a museum, a dance performance that moves you, that film that you can't let go of. Art can disrupt, challenge, move. But what makes art good, exceptional, special? When does it touches you?

Music that touches you is often music that overwhelms you, in an unguarded moment. Or music that you don't know at all and surprises you. We want to achieve exactly that with the (Un)heard Music Festival. Here the works that do not receive the attention they deserve and are therefore rarely or never heard on the Dutch concert stage, are put in the spotlight. But also works that are related to these unheard works and that are well known.
When is a piece of music finished? Not until the composer has drawn the double bar after the last note? Or can a piece also have an 'open ending'? In the UMF edition of 2021, the focus is not on a composer, but on the works that composers are unable or unwilling to finish; ‘(Un)finished’. For centuries, compositions have been left unfinished by 'big' and 'minor' composers. This is often attributed to the premature death of the creative artist, but that is certainly not always the case. Sometimes it seems to be a conscious choice. Maybe the composer doesn't know how to proceed? Is he or she dissatisfied with the composition and is the piece therefore set aside?

These questions will be asked during the UMF 2021 and with the musical performances the public will be challenged to find an answer together with the musicians.

For the complete program and tickets please visit: www.korzo.nl/unheard

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Otto Dittrich

Gisteravond genoten van Matangi met Canto Ostinato. Boeiende, pakkende muziek. Prachtig gespeeld. Het hoestje van de eerste violist viel natuurlijk op, maar was niet storend. De combinatie met een andere kunstvorm is verrassend en maakt het extra aantrekkelijk.

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