(Un)heard Music Festival: Upbeat in Korzo Den Haag - december 9

A piece of music that gives you goosebumps, that one painting that makes you stand still in a museum, a dance performance that moves you, that film that doesn't let go. Art can disrupt, challenge, move. But what makes art good, exceptional, special? When does it hit you?

This concert on December 9 in Korzo The Hague is an Upbeat, or a musical prelude to the (Un)heard Music Festival on March 11 and 12, 2023 in Korzo.
Music that touches you is often music that hits you, in an unguarded moment. Or music that you don't know at all and surprises you. Matangi wants to achieve exactly that with the (Un)heard Music Festival. Here, the works that do not receive the attention they deserve and are therefore rarely or never heard on the Dutch concert stage, are put in the spotlight. But also works that are related to these unheard works and that are well known. The aim of the festival is to touch art-loving audiences and traditional music lovers of all ages with new, unknown music and different art forms.

New Zealand's John Psathas will be composer in residence during the (Un)heard Music Festival on March 11 and 12, 2023. John Psathas is known for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. Due to his Greek background, his music is an interesting fusion of European traditions, folk music from both continents and influences from jazz and pop music.

With musical performances of his unparalleled diversity of sounds and rhythms, the audience is surprised and overwhelmed. A broad program in which, among other things, a conversation with the public and composer, a soundbar in the Korzo bar, a film in Club Korzo and a cozy pub quiz, it becomes a cohesive festival in which the music of the 'unheard of' John Psathas is central. .
During the Upbeat on 9 December various works by the New Zealand composer John Psathas, the Australian composer Kate Moore and the Dutch percussionist Helmer Bijl will be performed.

Upbeat (Un)heard Music Festival 2023 ft. John Psathas
December 9, 8.30 p.m. - Korzo Den Haag

John Psathas - Abhisheka (string quartet)
John Psathas - Halo (cello, piano, electronics)
Kate Moore - For Matangi (string quartet)
Peter Sculthorpe - Earth Cry (string quartet, didgeridoo)
John Psathas - Gyftiko (solo vioin)
Helmer Bijl - Phantasmata (percussion ensemble)
John Psathas - Cloud Folk (percussion ensemble)

with: Matangi Quartet, Suol Percussion en Saskia Lankhoorn

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