Up Close - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

Quarantine, isolation, insecurity. Can we still find comfort somewhere? For the Matangi Quartet, silence is not an option at a time when many are silently thrown back to themselves. Together with soprano Marene Elgershuizen and composer Anthony Fiumara, the Matangi take you to the world between hope and fear: in "Splendid Isolation". Fiumara composed Emily especially for this concert, for which he was inspired by the poet Emily Dickinson, who voluntarily lived in seclusion.

Fiumara, one of the Netherlands' most played composers, translated his impressions of Dickinson's work into music that is as recognizable as it is innovative. Dickinson is also a muse for the British composer Simon Holt. He based his Two movements for string quartet on Dickinson's poignant poem "Dying". Holt's business title is deceptive: this is breathless, excited, dark lyrical music. Fiumara's earlier string quartet I dreamed in the cities at night takes its title from a verse by Remco Campert.

Sunday, March 7,  3 pm - Youtube | Vimeo | Facebook

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Simon Holt Two movements for string quartet
Anthony Fiumara I Dreamed in the Cities at Night

Anthony Fiumara Emily 

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Jurri Rooyackers

Beste Marene en Matangi‘ s , ik heb genoten, een goede opsteker voor de zondagmiddag 👍🏻

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