Songteksten P.S. ft. Ruben Hein & Matangi

Brother to Brother


My brother
I love the state of peace you’re in
But you don’t have to reassure how good it’s been
‘Cause I know it’s hard

However though, my brother
Oh my mind has been weak
I’m telling you with gravity
In all my work you hold a part
But I can’t keep on going

I put pen to paper
My reason has foundered
I’m caught in a lifetime of despair
It’s fading like flowers
The flowers I painted back in June
Now write to me real soon
And tell me of the others

The answer
Always filled with praise and with love
You know I always dreamed of you
I’ll follow you with all my heart

So listen to me, brother
We can make our paintings speak
Canvases, which even in calamity retain their calm
As long as you keep going

(‘Cause) I can see you’re troubled
Your reason has foundered
You’re caught in a moment of despair
We’re fading like flowers
The flowers you painted back in June
So write to me real soon
And I’ll tell you of the others

Brother to brother
Living on bread and wine alone
Tried to get sober
The flowers were painted back in June
They faded really soon
But far ahead of others

Cry Country

(R. Hein, A, v.d Vuurst, M.P. Majoor, K.Kleijer)

Love is the understated
A cry for the beloved country
But why are we so isolated
The sum of my thoughts keep chasing me
Find out what’s wrong and who’s guilty
A cry for the beloved country
I grew up between seven seas
How narrow, how narrow
For me
Salvage is in our poetry
It’s the shelter for our story
A cry for the beloved country
I’m not afraid to use my voice
Amidst the noise of the masses
Amidst the noise of the seas
Oh love
Oh love

Devils & Angels

(R. Hein, M.P. majoor, R. Taminiau)

Yesterday felt warm to me 
But now I’m cold and gray
These city streets are calling me
And asking me to stay

But I’ve dealt with the man that I was
And I have turned the page
Just one last glance at past regrets
And then I walk away
To you….

Or I could go out drinking?
Should I have just one more go..
We have been buddies for the night you know
We used to be so close

I don’t know what I’m thinking
I don't know what’s come over me,
I recall these city bars could bring me to my knees

Devils and Angels
Light their cigarettes for me
Angels and Devils make me weak

No, I’ve lived and learned, it’s over and done
My demons in a cage
Temptations mean nothing to me
I think I really changed

‘Cause I can see the bridge I crossed
And how I left it burned
Now it’s time for better
Since I have seen for worse

No! I should go out drinking
I tried but cannot tame the beast.
Tonight I let the animal in me run free!

Another Year

(R. Hein, K. Kleijer, R. Taminiau)

Waking up to springtime
When snow is melting
Yesterday the bombshells fell

Now the robin’s singing
So I’ll keep on writing
Hoping you can read through the trembling of my hand

Over the hill the sun appears
(it’s) The darkness of night I mostly fear

It’s already been another year
Another winter over

I can’t wait for summer
The food will be better
Now it’s only beans that are keeping me alive

Can’t recall the last time
I’ve written a letter
But you are always here in my mind

Oh, mother don't you worry
Over the hill the guns appear
Tin cans and fighting gear
Can’t believe 
It’s been another troubled year
(But) Soon it will all be over

I send my love and have no fear
Before you know I’ll come over

Then I’ll be back in our kitchen
Simply doing the dishes
(while) telling you of names and faces I won’t forget 
I can’t forget 
I won’t forget

In Case The Fog Appears 

(R. Hein, K. Kleijer, R. Taminiau)

Can I ask you for a favor,
and can I bend your ears
Can I trust you with my quiet worry 
I’ve been having the last couple of years

‘Cause I foresee a future
Where I don’t know of a past
In the rearview mirror
Less and less I understand

So I cross my fingers, fold my hands
Oh, may time be easy on me
But in case the fog appears
Help me out, can you take the wheel

Take me back to where I grew up
To the school and the church and the pub
Will you keep on telling who is one another
That he who’s holding my hand is my loving brother

But most of all
Most of all

Will you still love me
Even when there’s no more grace and..
By the time it’s gone so far I lost your beautiful face
Know it’s nowhere near of who I used to be
Will you trust me, when I tell you, it has never been so clear to me.

That I have loved you,
Even more than life itself
Oh, I tell you now, although I know you know me well…
Please light my path and lead me through this part
Where you hold me
As I slowly slip away into the dark
The dark


(R. Hein, R. Taminiau)

You have to be strong
Don't look over your shoulder
Cause there’s nothing wrong
If you never look over
Don't look to the ground
Never look over
The Matador
Never looks down

Rules and regulations pin me down
For the comfort, cause the comfort of it all
Won’t betray the hands that shake
And the comfort, the comfort of it all
A cloak I lay for what’s at stake
They say he comes for, he will come and take us all….

I’m like my brother
Who never looks over
We never knew better
It was passed down
We were taught by a teacher
To never look over
So I never looked over
And I never looked down

But the crowd is calling
To get me to turn over
They’re persuading me
To see what they’ve found
Might I be coming around?
Or is it a distraction?
Pushing this matador…
Into the ground

Rules an regulations pin me down
For the comfort, cause the comfort of it all
Won’t betray the hands that shake
And the comfort, the comfort of it all
A cloak I lay for what’s at stake
They say he comes for, he will come and take us all

It’s the comfort of it all 


(M.P. Majoor, K. Kleijer, R. Hein)

When you saw me in the kitchen with Rose
You must have thought that I was way too close when we were standing there to cut your birthday cake
But it’s all misunderstood!

When I was sitting on the sofa with Lizzy
What did you think when I was whispering and laughing with my secretary (Lizzy)
But it’s all misunderstood!

Of course there is Nigella
Did you know that it is spelled with double L, so N. I. G.E. L. L. A,  that’s Nigella
But no,  it’s all misunderstood! 

About the lipstick, that’s from Kim
She accidentally mistook the shirt you gave to me for her napkin
No, it’s all misunderstood!

Who is Scarlett, oh that Scarlett!
No, I really never touched her breast! Ok I might have touched her breast a little 
But it’s all misunderstood

Have you spoken to your sister?
Well I fully disagree her little johnny looks like me
Oh it’s all misunderstood

On Parenting

(K.Kleijer, R.Hein)

Dear boy!
Today is your mother’s birthday
And yours is tomorrow 

Both Days
Remind me of many joys
And many sorrows 

From that day you’ll be of age
So start preparing
For when I shall be no more
And you’ll be head of this family

It takes
Wisdom and intelligence
In that I have to trust you
Trust you

You are
All that I have
So don’t you
Dare to 
Fuck up. 

Your interested
Very affectionate
And caring Father

Paper in a Bottle

(K. Kleijer, R. Hein, R. Taminiau)

Older paper
But well-preserved
Bottled up, tossed out and
Carried by the waves and by currents
I’ve seen all twists and all turns
With her I crossed the deepest waters.

Yours sincerely
To whom it may concern
On my own now, though it 
Took a little time getting used to
I’ve lost my dearest and earned
All the wrinkles I deserve
To whoever may find this bottle I tossed
I have been doubtful to get 
Through to somebody
Who’s looking for someone too

Is there a chance it will be 
Found by somebody
Who’d like to find someone 
She said take one more turn, 
live and you will learn

So I’ve 
Picked myself up 
And I’ll dust myself off
I think I’m ready 
To carry on drifting
With someone who’s drifting too

Will I be able to be 
Close to somebody
Someone who is not her
Though she said we’ve had our turn 
Love and you will learn

There is a chance
That there is a someone
Who just like me is somewhere 
Walking the shore
Looking for old bottles 
With little messages of hope for someone 
Someone who traveled 
To travel one last time 
Along the waterline… 

Poem of the Offended

(R. Hein)

In case you might think
That I’m in any way troubled 
By the words you write and say:

Ah, you bore me 
Yes, you bore me

And in case you might assume
That the poison from your pen 
Would kill my Charlotte Corday:

You just adore me
You just adore me

Oh in case we might meet
Please make no mistake
I will tell it you to your face: 

Oh how you bore me
How you bore me..

Are We Going Mad? 

(K. Kleijer, R. Hein)

As the plane was going down,
Her phone was in the air
Fame is for the dead
So soon she’ll be a star!

Taking a break from the land of dreams
Mickey Mouse takes off his head
His bank account is empty
In the dark he lights another cigarette

My best friend
He’s loyal, he is honest and he’s true
But he’s asking for an update,
A reboot and a power cable too

Sorry sir, please spare me a moment
So you can explain to me
What happens here, in this lifetime
It could be me, just me 
But are we going mad?

With a ring, he’s on one knee
No, her hair is out of shape
(Now) turn around for the camera
And smile for the following, if that’s ok?

Could it be possible
There’s a greater thing than me?
Man, I don’t think so
‘Cause like all the others, I am unique

Sorry sir, please spare me a moment
So you can explain to me
What happens here, in this lifetime
It isn’t me, you know 
Yeah we are going mad?

For the Family

(M.P. Majoor)

Drown in my own tears
Xandra and my babies
Speed instead of burning up
Speed instead of burning up

I’ll leave that for the funeral
About my last wish:
Rock through life like I did

With Grieg, B.I.G., Lou
Don’t be sad
Don’t be sad
Don’t be sad

Make a party
A party
I’ll see you around

I’m going bungy
Have mercy
Have mercy
Have mercy