Riso Outcast by Marcel van den Broek

Sustainable Riso print of Outcast in 2 colors Matangi Quartet

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What must it be like to be rejected by your environment, that you have to protect your loved ones and you cannot share your ideas, expression, feelings with them…That's what I asked myself when Matangi asked me to make the design for the upcoming album (Outcast). I was born in 1975 and as a child I lived through the cold war. A time and a feeling that I could immediately call on. How lonely the dissidents must have felt. How solitair. The tree, a symbol of life, for me symbolizes the dissident, in an empty bare space. Without the protection of other trees. At the mercy of the wind, sun, rain and whatever else comes your way when you're alone. The birds are free and fly in and out of the frames. Now at a time when everything resembles the threat of the Cold War from back then, it's more topical than ever! But the feeling and isolation are the same, again! (Marcel van den Broek)

This Riso is printed in 2 colours, there are small metal particles in the background, so that the ink can sometimes glitter. The ink is made on the basis of soy and thus has a sustainable character. All this on a luxurious paper type, Gmund Cotton… also completely sustainable.

*Without frame
Size Riso A4