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A stage without musicians, a concert hall without music. This has been the reality in the past Corona months. Fortunately, concerts can again be given for small groups. But by no means everyone can, should or dare. To serve those music lovers, Matangi started the # 90seconds project.

Matangi seeks deepening and artistic interpretation of online artistry in these times of isolation and loneliness.

Based on Helmut Krausser's novel Melodien, Matangi is looking for the secret melodies with mysterious healing powers which are believed to be lost. Composers from all over the world participate in this quest and compose a 90-second melody for string quartet.

Matangi records it in collaboration with NTR Radio 4, films it and then posts it on social media and other platforms to share these mysterious melodies. In this way, Matangi hopes to reach as many people as possible within 90 seconds together with the composers.

To offer the composers a fair wage, we have started a crowdfunding campaign. All donations are welcome and from € 10,- there are nice offers from Matangi! (How about a bag of Tulipa Matangi bulbs)

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