Canto Ostinato Strings Attached

The Canto Ostinato is world famous; once you have heard the catchy melody, it will be stored in your musical memory forever. The piece is specially written for four grand pianos, but how does this music sound when played by a string quartet? Simeon ten Holt is the composer of this masterpiece. Just before his death, he sent the Matangi Quartet a letter stating that his music would sound wonderful for a string quartet. He seduces the quartet to play more of his works and challenges them to experiment with his music. This was the start of the arrangement of the Canto Ostinato, arranged by Marijn van Prooijen, specially for string quartet. In this period in which we live, everything has to be fast, prepared and delineated. There is hardly any time to forget time and surrender to chance. The Canto Ostinato offers the opportunity to escape this spirit of the times. That makes this work so exciting and special every time!l!


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