Canto Ostinato Strings Attached

In 2023 we will continue our tour with artist Gerard de Bruyne along the theaters in the Netherlands, to bring the hypnotic piece Canto Ostinato to the audience in the Simeon ten Holt year. An empty canvas is the beginning, after which we will fill it with music and brushes, creating a world in which you can lose yourself completely.

Tourdata 2023
9 februari, 20.15 - Theater de Voorveghter, Hardenberg (TICKETS)
26 februari, 14.30 - Theater de Purmaryn, Purmerend (TICKETS)
5 maart, 14.30 - Cultuurhuis de Klinker, Winschoten (TICKETS)
26 maart, 14.30 - Schouwburg, Amstelveen (TICKETS)
16 april, 15.30 - Zeeuwse Concertzaal, Middelburg (TICKETS)
23 april, 15.00 - Theater de Leest, Waalwijk (TICKETS)
24 mei, 20.30 - Theater de Meerpaal, Dronten (TICKETS)
25 mei, 20.00 - De Kleine Willem, Enschede (TICKETS)

“I have several versions of the Canto at home, but this is the most beautiful version I have ever heard.”

A visitor who says with a smile on her face: “I have a criticism: it was too short.”

“The music and the drawing reinforce each other, I thought I was somewhere else for a moment. It was a real trip.”

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