Ruins and Remains awarded an Edison Jazz

We are extremely proud that recently was announced that Ruins and Remains won the prestigious Edison Jazz award. The Edison jury praises the level of ensemble playing and the sound.

"Joost Lijbaart's input consists of coloring the well-made arrangements. He uses a wide range of percussion instruments, gongs and bells. The sonorous sound of a bow along cymbals and the bronze discs of the crotales create an oppressive feeling. Using various sticks and mallets he creates the perfect sound for emptiness, fear and hope.
The fourteen compositions mainly create a melancholic atmosphere. In terms of performance, there are more similarities with chamber music than with jazz. Influences from folk music can also be heard. The sharp lines between the composed pieces and the improvised parts slowly fade. With free interpretations, the Matangi String Quartet goes off the beaten track. While the strings regularly portray threats and misery, Brederode's tranquil piano sounds bring light and air.
The changing dynamics are reinforced in the Bremen Sendesaal. The concert hall has special acoustics where every detail played is audible. All musicians master their instruments excellently. The way they follow their intuition in the interplay makes the outcome magical."

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