Recording new Album - Outcast

Mid-July we went into the studio to record 'Outcast'. A new album in which we stand up for artistic freedom and for resounding expressiveness that often stems from repression. This album will contain: Dmitri Shostakovich - String Quartet No. 8, Valentin Silvestrov - String Quartet No. 1 and Alfred Schnittke - String Quartet No. 3.

It is an ode to the musical 'outcast': three Soviet-Russian composers who wrote music that went dangerously against the taste of the regime under which they lived. With their compositions, described as 'avant-garde' or 'western', they stuck their necks out, risking their careers or - in the case of Dmitri Shostakovich under Stalin - even personal freedom. For example, Shostakovich had a packed suitcase ready in case he was arrested by the KGB. Alfred Schnittke was also severely thwarted by his own government; his work was viewed with suspicion and performances were regularly frustrated. In addition to his musical oeuvre, the Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov is known for his political commitment against the rulers of the former Soviet Union and present-day Russia. Matangi Quartet is a passionate advocate of Silvestrov's music and has developed a special personal and musical bond with him. In 2017 he was Artist in Resident of Matangi's own (Un)heard Music Festival.

We are already in full swing to finalize the budget for the CD. It looks positive, but we could use all the help. For example, by pre-registering for the CD. You can use this form to let us know if you are interested. And thus to be sure of a copy at the time of release.



René van Trigt

Een CD om nu al zeer naar uit te kijken! We hopen dat het gaat lukken. Succes met alles en tot ziens (in de concertzaal!). Mooie Nieuwsbrief overigens weer, complimenten hoor. Veel groeten ook van Angelien, René.

Folkert Wijnstra

Kijk uit naar de cd, hoewel luisteren meer op z’n plaats is.

Gerda Greeven

Ik ben erg geïnteresseerd in de nieuwe cd,
hartelijke groet en heel veel plezier met de opnames…
Gerda Greeven

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