P(l)ay it Forward

In September we gave a corona proof concert with Matangi in the beautiful orchard of Villa Augustus in Dordrecht. After the concert, a woman in her 90's came to me. She was deeply moved by our interpretation of Shostakovich's eighth string quartet, which we had just played. She told me, that she had experienced the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940 and that she could hear many of those moments in the music: the bombs, the air raid alarm, the fear, the sadness, but also the hope.
She wanted to buy a CD from us with this piece of music on it, but unfortunately we did not have it at the time. When I got home and impressed by her story, I decided to send her a CD of my favorite recording of this string quartet. A small gesture that made someone else happy and at the same time made me happy as a person because I could give her something. With all the Matangis we immediately talked about recording Shostakovich's eighth string quartet, but also about what such a gesture as sending a CD can mean for this concert visitor.

All this was a source of inspiration for a beautiful new idea from Karsten. With the holidays that we will all celebrate differently than usual, we have further elaborated Karsten's plan and we hope that everyone can pass on something of significance with a small gesture.

Arno van der Vuurst

Matangi Play it Forward Christmas Steam
December 24 | 8.30 p.m.


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