Premiere and recording P.S. with Ruben Hein

After a long and intensive creative process, Matangi could finally proudly toast to the premiere of P.S. in January, alongside Ruben Hein, during the String Quartet Biennale at Bimhuis (Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ), preceded by a try-out for Matangi's friends at the Theater De Regentes in The Hague. Both performances were enthusiastically received by the audience, partly due to the personal and unique style that was presented.

This collaboration with jazz/pop singer Ruben Hein, in which also the members of Matangi themselves put pen to paper and wrote letters and music, forms one of the gems of the 25th anniversary season that Matangi is heading towards.

"I think it's fantastic! As a quartet, we have been around for 25 years, and we have always played music by others. For me, it's really a revelation to do something you've never dared to do before, and to see it turn out so well." said Karsten.

After an intensive recording week at Studio150, under the guidance of Martin Fondse, the quartet is in full preparation for the realization of the album. An album to look forward to.

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