The premiere of 'P.S.' at the String Quartet Biennale.

Discover the sequel to Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet's 'The Juliet Letters'! Matangi and singer-songwriter Ruben Hein join forces to create a contemporary 21st-century song-cycle for string quartet and vocals: 'P.S. ft. Matangi & Ruben Hein.'

Drawing inspiration from the collected Dutch letters in Jet Steinz's book 'P.S.,' Matangi and Ruben have crafted new compositions, adding a modern chapter to the world of multidisciplinary music experience.

Much like the legendary Elvis Costello, who effortlessly blended genres such as punk, new wave, pop, rock, country, reggae, and jazz, Matangi and Ruben Hein are exploring new paths together. In 1993, Costello experimented with classical music and released the iconic album 'The Juliet Letters' with the Brodsky Quartet. Now, Matangi and Ruben Hein challenge themselves by drawing broad inspiration and exploring the depths of the human soul with their compositions.

Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful sounds of this unique collaboration and step into a world where music speaks to the heart and soul.

String Quartet Biennale 2024

31 januari 20.30 uur, BIMHUIS, Amsterdam (TICKETS)

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