Ruins and Remains - "A journey to the innermost of myself"

Since the summer of 2023, Eider Armendariz has been a valuable addition to our team in production and PR. Following one of our recent concerts, she penned a story on her blog that deeply resonated with us. Her art of writing vividly brought the concert experience to life. We are extremely excited to share this post with everyone.

"Music is fascinating. Okay, I have to admit that I'm not going out on a limb here, as I guess everyone will agree with this statement. But… isn’t it crazy how many emotions can those three simple words underlie? They were already very meaningful to me before, but they somehow got an extra layer of truth after the Ruins and Remains concert by Wolfert Brederode, Joost Lijbaart and Matangi I went to last week. As someone who has been to quite a lot of concerts, I wasn’t expecting to be moved by music in a completely different way than usual.........."

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