Ruins and Remains @ North Sea Jazz

After the successful performance at Jazzahead in Bremen, Matangi, Wolfert Brederode and Joost Lijbaart will be performing Ruins and Remains at North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam on Saturday, July 8. This is the last concert in this season of this successful musical Matangi project.
Pianist and composer Wolfert Brederode created a suite of 14 different pieces in 2018, commissioned by the classical string quartet Matangi. The celebration of the end of World War I and Philippe Claudel's novel Les Ames Grises was the inspiration for Ruins and Remains.
It rained stars in the domestic and foreign media for the concert series and CD of the same name.

July 8, 3:15 p.m. - North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam Ahoy - Madeira Hall


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