SPRAAKMAKERS combines engaging and entertaining stories on contemporary themes such as gender identity, light pollution, or dementia with classical music pieces that resonate with these topics. Renowned Dutch actors lend their voices as an additional storyline to the music, connecting the work to the present. The narrative enriches the music, and the music, in turn, enhances the story. Thus, SPRAAKMAKERS revitalizes ancient music, making it relevant in today's world. Featuring master storytellers like Gijs Scholten van Aschat, 'Ntianu Stuger, and Rick Paul van Mulligen, alongside top musicians such as Matangi, Slagwerk Den Haag, and pianist Thomas Beijer.

In "Queer Classical," actor Rick Paul van Mulligen narrates a story about (sexual) diversity in the classical music world, using Samuel Barber's String Quartet performed by the Matangi Quartet. The tale delves into the audience's tolerance and explores whether one's (sexual) identity can be discerned in music.

25 januari - Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen - 19.30 uur (TICKETS)
26 januari - Muziekcentrum, Enschede - 19.30 uur (TICKETS)
27 januari - Muziekgebouw, Eindhoven - 19.30 uur (TICKETS)
28 januari - TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht - 15.00 uur (TICKETS)
1 februari - Musis & Stadstheater, Arnhem - 20.00 uur (TICKETS)
2 februari - Theater Flint, Amersfoort - 20.15 uur (TICKETS)
3 februari - Concertgebouw, Amstedam - 19.30 uur (TICKETS)
4 februari - Theater de Regentes, Den Haag - 20.00 uur (TICKETS)

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