Supersonic Award for VII LW

Our cd VII LW (Haydn - Die Sieben letzten Worte) won the Supersonic Award. We are extremely proud! Not only because of this price, but also because we are compared with Cuarteto Casals, the Rosamunde and Borodin Quartet.

“Nuances in dynamics and colour, subtle phrasing, expressive pauses let the music appear in all its significance, without any exaggeration, always tasteful and with an excellent knowledge of the appropriate performing style. All this makes this release another reference recording of one of the greatest works of quartet literature.”

Read the whole review here:



Fantastisch en terecht, hartelijk gefeliciteerd

Hartelijke groet Karel

Nan ten Thije

Van harte gefeliciteerd!
Ik wist dit niet van de prijs maar zag gisteravond de prachtige uitvoering omdat ik naar De Dutch Don’t Dance Division keek.
Hartstikke leuk en prachtige recensie

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