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The Matangis have started a new initiative: #90seconds.
Matangi seeks deepening and artistic interpretation of online artistry in these times of isolation and loneliness.

Based on Helmut Krausser's novel Melodien, Matangi is looking for the secret melodies with mysterious healing powers which are believed to be lost. Composers from all over the world participate in this quest and compose a 90-second melody for string quartet. (read more)

Our project #90 seconds, in cooperation with NTR/Radio 4, where we ask composers from all over the world to compose a piece in these times of isolation and loneliness, is something that we are extremely proud of; a typical Matangi project. When we came with this idea, a lot of different composers crossed our minds. Naturally we stumbled upon this one important question: “Where will we record all this beautiful music?”

Unanimously we came with the ideal location; the beautiful and picturesque church of Beets; a lovely town in Waterland with all the remarkable features that are so typical Dutch. The reason that this church crossed our mind is that it feels like home; we have played here many times and it has a fabulous accoustic.
A big advantange is their great hospitality; we’re a very hungry quartet and we always love great food like they have in Beets; it makes us feel very spoiled! So to say; this is the ideal location for our #90seconds.

Recording in an empty church is definitely different than playing in a full hall. Even though we have many concert experiences here, it felt like a new experience. Instead of playing on stage, we had to play in the middle of the church and of course we had to sit 1,5 metres distance from each other.

A recording demands a different kind of discipline; we’re depending also on the sound and vision technicians.  Everybody has to be satisfied; the men and women of the sound, but also the ladies and gentlemen of the vision department.
That brings situations which ask for flexibility and emphasize precision; if the vision technicians ask us to move 5 centimetres, then the sound has to be adjusted as well. After all of that, we can finally do what we came in for! Because all the pieces speak so clearly for themselves and were very well prepared, we had some great results within no time.
The upcoming period we will work on new compositions that we will record on the 2nd of June. Of course in that beautiful church in Beets!

Daniel Torrico

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