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The Matangis have started a new initiative: #90seconds.
Matangi seeks deepening and artistic interpretation of online artistry in these times of isolation and loneliness.

Based on Helmut Krausser's novel Melodien, Matangi is looking for the secret melodies with mysterious healing powers which are believed to be lost. Composers from all over the world participate in this quest and compose a 90-second melody for string quartet. (read more)

For best reading experience listen to this piece:

During our first online meeting after the corona lockdown, the four of us came up with the idea of the #90seconds project. Composers were mentioned, making a video would be the ideal way of presenting the pieces and most of all: we wanted to create something special with Matangi and the composers.
As I was driving to a funeral two weeks later, I thought I would need to find a ‘healing melody’ that already existed. It was my first ride outside the city since the beginning of the lockdown and I needed my navigation to get to the cemetery but the battery of my phone was low, so I had to charge it in the car. Something went wrong. Somehow my car thought my phone was an iPod so it started playing the music from my iTunes account. Instead of a lady telling me where to go, I accidentally was listening to Curtain Tune on a Ground by Henry Purcell, wonderfully interpreted by the Lautten Compagney.
You know how music can make you feel when you’re in the car with the windows down and the music as loud as possible? Well, It was a sunny day and I felt like I was on top of the world! I was wearing my sunglasses, felt the wind in my hair and after all these days in quarantine I felt so free.
But then, I drove past the hospital. I saw the ambulances parked in front, the corona triage tents next to it and big yellow signs with ‘Lung/Corona consulting hours turn left’. The nurses and doctors were standing outside in the sun, but I could see their faces were tense.
I closed my windows, turned down my speed, but not the music. How could my feelings change within a few seconds? At first the music gave me freedom in my mind and then when I was thrown back into reality, the Purcell was healing as the tears were rolling down my cheeks.


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